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Diet Horror Story

Food in the time of dieting. This is exactly like love in the time of Cholera, only, here, the love is for food.

Your cravings are at an all-time high, you surprisingly become more lazy, you feel anxious when eating out, you are looking up every diet plan there is in the planet, your best friend suddenly looks thinner, your weighing machine needs repair and perhaps you are even subconsciously praying to god to help you shed those extra luggage.

It is not because you have started eating a pea less than before that your body feels so weird when you start a diet. No. If you have any of these symptoms , trust me, your body has nothing to do with it. I am not a diet expert or an aspiring model, but I know what I am talking about. I have been through this outrageously pathetic stage of my life during my adolescence when I felt that cringing need to diet when some really jobless people called me a pumpkin, literally. I was too young to reason with myself. I started this tailored diet plan w…
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My Onam, Happy Onam!

With chenda, the festivities begin. Fragrant floral carpets welcome, Incandescent greasy faces.

Golden Beige memories!
Plantain leaves, Payasam Stomach yearning for more Ensemble like Avial; celebration all-rounded!

Coconut oil memories!
Riveting Television shows, Dazing peacefulness dulls you With laughter and naked yawns.
Sandalwood memories!

Optimum behavior of a productive techie

How to optimize your behavior to become a productive techie?
No emails, no trouble – If you don’t listen to my advice you will end up being buried under a billion emails, most of them unread by the end of this year. Emails are infectious. The biggest hindrance to a techie’s productivity, is emails. As long as you can stick to messages confined to the subject area like the one below, it is fine. But do not go beyond that and don’t you touch the body! Get independence from your emails, be a loud and shameless conversationalist. Be a caveman, do not ping, do not email, just go talk to the person next to you.
To: Subject: Code’s working, dude. Yay Peanuts at my desk
Walk like quick-silver – Fly, Fly to the restroom and back, Fly to the printer and back, Just fly, never walk. Redefine god speed and make time for C++.
Do not carry a bag – One of the most important rules. Never carry a bag/ purse/ lunch bag to work. There are hawks in the workplace who monitor you meaningl…

Offspring ~ Poem ~

Screaming with vitality,Brimming with effervescence,You shine on, gazillion years away.You are not immortal,You are a dying star,Screaming for help,Brimming with consciousness of a certain death.You shine on,Giving us the confidenceThat there will be lifeAfter you die.
Our offspring will thrive on your offspring.

Yang - #26DaysOfSummer #A-ZChallenge

Facts source - google

Xanthe -The Golden One #26DaysOfSummer #A-ZChallenge

Xanthe - 'X' pronounced as Z means the Golden one :)